Template:For Template:Creature Aoshima is a creature seen during one of Mabel's hallucinations from eating too much Smile Dip.


In "The Inconveniencing," after Mabel eats "bleventeen" packs of Smile Dip, Mabel sees and rides Aoshima in a sugar induced hallucination, claiming "the future is in the past." It appears as a flying dolphin with a small, yellow bow tie and two muscular human-like arms. After spinning around, it grows another dolphin-like head and two more muscular human arms, one from each mouth. On each palm of its hands are dolphin faces, which shoot rainbow-colored rays from their mouths. While the creature is doing so, a car alarm can be heard.

In "Weirdmageddon 2: Escape From Reality," Aoshima is briefly seen in Mabeland.


Aoshima is a hallucination-induced monster, who appears to be a blue and white dolphin with a yellow bow tie and four heads, but can grow an arm out of each mouth. Each arm, in turn, gains a face and a gaping mouth, which makes dolphin sounds and emits rainbow colored rays.


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  • Aoshima is named after animation director John Aoshima. Tyler Chen came up with the idea for the name.[1]
  • In the end credits of "The Inconveniencing," the cryptogram reads "Onwards, Aoshima!" a reference to Mabel's line earlier in that episode.

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