Template:Cast Ariel Caskey Hirsch (born June 18, 1985) is the twin sister of Alex Hirsch and the inspiration for Mabel Pines.

Role in Gravity Falls

She guest-starred in the episode "Boyz Crazy" as one of Pacifica's friends; the one with magenta-colored hair.[1][2]


  • Ariel Hirsch has an inactive account on the Gravity Falls Wiki by the username of "Arielismabel."
  • She and her brother were raised in Piedmont, California, which is also where Mabel and Dipper Pines live.[3]
  • She and her brother's middle names, like Mabel and Dipper, are their parents' first names.
  • As a kid, Ariel wanted a pig as a pet even to a point of making a pig shrine in her room, so Alex gave Mabel a pig (Waddles).
  • The concept of Gravity Falls is based on her and her brother's summers when they were kids.
  • As a child, she was obsessed with NSYNC's Lance Bass, which is why Alex Hirsch asked him to voice several of the members of Sev'ral Timez.[4]
  • The cryptogram seen at the end of "Boyz Crazy" mentions her. It reads "HAPPY NOW, ARIEL?" In response to this, Ariel made a post on Tumblr stating that she was.[5]
  • She is a phycologist.

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