Template:Object Baron Num Nums High Flyin' Beans is a brand of canned beans that Dipper, Mabel, Wendy, and Soos discover in "Into the Bunker."


When the group first enter the bunker, Dipper picks up a recently opened can of beans without taking note of the name. This prompts Soos' suggestion that the author of the journals might still be alive and is still in the bunker.

Later, when Dipper and Wendy are separated from Soos and Mabel, they meet someone who, at first, appears to be the author. However, Wendy picks up a nearby can of beans, and realizes that the supposed author is disguising itself as the mascot of Baron Num Nums.[1]


The beans are packaged in a tin can with a brown label. There is a circular portrait window with Baron Num Nums on it with a dog wearing goggles. The background is a light blue sky with a dirigible flying in the distance.

The Baron himself has wild gray hair with a gray mustache and beard. He is also wearing aviator goggles, and a brown coat with a burgundy shirt underneath.


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