• Slenderman'sProxySapphire

    Hey guys,

    Im going to really busy this week i would only come on at one point everyday to catch up on people and then i would until next week.

    Thanks For Understanding,


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  • GoldieBear

    Moderators and Administrators sign ups!

    If you want to be a Moderator or an Administrator, please tell me 3 reasons why you should become one! And they must be the TRUTH, or, you will never become a Moderator or Administrator!

    If you tell me the 3 reasons, and if they are the TRUTH! I will reply and make the final on another post, and if i do that means whoever usernames are on the Final means I will tell them to come on chat and i will give them the right and the privilege to become a Moderator or a Administrator.

    If you act TERRIBLE or BAD or abusing yourr power as a Moderator or a Administrator, Me and Ditto Creeper Bot will hold a blog and ask who will need their power taken away from us.

    As a Moderator, you would have to do your job, foll…

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  • Vloggmus


    April 15, 2016 by Vloggmus


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