Template:Cast Carmen Carter is an American singer-songwriter. She is featured in the Gravity Falls episode "Boss Mabel," performing "Large and In Charge,"[1] and she also sings "Mabel's Good Deeds Montage" in "The Last Mabelcorn."


Carter grew up in California, the youngest of four children. She graduated from high school in 1982, in the top five of her class, and later went to UCLA, in which she was majoring in biology. While in college, she moonlighted at various clubs, which was where she was eventually discovered. She stopped attending UCLA and started her career as a singer.

She is probably best known for being one of the principle singers on the Emmy award winning series Dancing with the Stars for the past sixteen seasons.

In addition to her work as a singer, Carter has dedicated much of her time contributing to various charities. She continues to live in her hometown of Los Angeles with her partner and two children.

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