Template:For Template:Song "Fixin' It with Soos"[1] is the introductory remix sample Soos uses at the beginning of his Fixin' it with Soos series.


The song can be heard as the opening theme in both Fixin' It with Soos shorts, depicting Soos "fixing" various items in the Mystery Shack with poorly-made visual effects.


SOOS: F-F-Fixin' it with Sooos

Woo! Yeeah!
Fixin it with a'you!
With the magic (SOOS: Wow!)

Fixin' it, aw yeah! (SOOS: Fixing. Healing.)
Get outta mah way with


Template:Appear Template:Reflist Template:Songs ru:Ремонт с Сусом (песня)

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