Gravity Falls High School is a school located in Gravity Falls, Oregon.



The school is first seen in "TV Shorts 2." Sheriff Blubs and Deputy Durland film their show in the gym, only to have their car and uniforms stolen during filming.

Season 2

The gym is seen again in "Dipper and Mabel vs. the Future," when Mabel Pines scouts it out as a prospective birthday party location. However, the teens of Gravity Falls are also there for high school registration, foiling Mabel's plans.


File:S2e17 welcome back.png

There is a marquee board for announcements out front and a parking lot off to the left side. The high school is a two-story square building, with a logo and an American flag above its main entrance and "GRAVITY FALLS HIGH SCHOOL" written along the top edge of its facade. It is primarily made out of red bricks with gray trim while its entrance has light-colored columns and a black trim and roof. It has multiple large windows on all sides of the building.

Inside, its main entrance leads to a gymnasium which has a basketball court and a set of wooden bleachers, above which has a red and yellow logo written "GO BEAVERS!" There are several banners along the walls, along with a picture of the school mascot, the beaver, and a golden banner welcoming the students back.

Known students




  • The school's mascot is a Beaver.
  • One of the banners along the gym's wall is for the 1962 Whittle-Off.
  • The school holds sawdust inhalation drills.[1]
  • Northwest Mud Flaps is directly behind the school.

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