Template:Place The Gravity Falls Library is a public library located in Gravity Falls, Oregon.


Season 1

The Gravity Falls Library was first mentioned in "Tourist Trapped" on the page of the Undead of Journal 3, when Dipper uses it to try and warn Mabel about Norman; written on the page are the words "RETURN LIBRARY BOOK 6/11!"

In "Irrational Treasure," during Pioneer Day, Dipper and Mabel went there to search for information on the true founder of Gravity Falls. There, Dipper found that the symbol on the map hidden in Journal 3 was the alchemist symbol for flame, and decided to burn it accordingly. However, before he could do so, Mabel folded it into a hat, inadvertently making a map.[1]


Later in "Stan's Tattoo," the library was mentioned yet again in the document about secret society symbols that Dipper was researching.

Season 2

In "Sock Opera," Dipper and Mabel go there to research codes and code breaking, trying to crack the password to access the laptop. Before they can start, Mabel meets Gabe Bensen while he holds a puppet show about literacy. The twins leave when Mabel convinces Dipper to help her put on a puppet show to impress Gabe.


File:S1e8 the cops.png

The library bears an old-style appearance, displaying a giant sign with the library's name on it. Like all libraries, it has rows of book shelves.




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