Template:Album Gravity Falls Season 1 - Soundtrack Excerpts Vol. 2 is the second album released by Brad Breeck for fans of the series online. It was released on March 29, 2015.


Track listing

No. Title For Episode Length
1."GF E102 Gideon's Theme Intro""Little Dipper"0:30
2."GF E105 GIDEON THEME SPOOKY""The Hand That Rocks the Mabel"0:32
3."GF E102 BED ADVENTURE""Little Dipper"0:29
4."GF E104 Smile Dip World""The Inconveniencing"0:14
5."GF E104 SMILE DIP""The Inconveniencing"0:12
6."GF E104 It Begins""The Inconveniencing"1:20
7."GF E107 GNOMES CHASE""Tourist Trapped"0:49
8."GF E107 Golf Cart Chase Alt""Tourist Trapped"0:28
9."GF E106 Shifty Stan""Dipper vs. Manliness"0:16
10."GF E102 Bud Gleeful's Theme""Little Dipper"0:09
11."GF E102 FAST CHASE TROT""Little Dipper"0:21
12."GF E103 Inspirado Sculpting""Headhunters"0:16
13."GF E103 Wax Room Intro Alt""Headhunters"0:26
14."GF E104 Dance Dance Dance Game""The Inconveniencing"0:17
15."GF E104 First Capture""The Inconveniencing"0:27
16."GF E104 Random Dance Party""The Inconveniencing"0:16
17."GF E105 BED MELLOW MOODY DARK""The Hand That Rocks the Mabel"0:19
18."GF E105 Gnome Game Chase""The Hand That Rocks the Mabel"0:18
19."GF E105 Night Of Enchantment Musak""The Hand That Rocks the Mabel"0:57
20."GF E107 Finding Evidence""Tourist Trapped"0:28
21."GF E107 Groovy Stan""Tourist Trapped"0:28
22."GF E107 BookDiscovery""Tourist Trapped"1:03
23."GF E107 INTRO MONTAGE BED DARK""Tourist Trapped"1:17
24."GF E107 INTRO MONTAGE""Tourist Trapped"1:17
25."GF E108 Copy Machine Dipper""Double Dipper"0:24
26."GF E108 DANCE EURO FUN""Double Dipper"0:27
27."GF E108 DANCE EURO POP 2 LONGER""Double Dipper"1:30
28."GF E108 DANCE POP ELECTRO 70s EURO ITALIO 2""Double Dipper"0:23
29."GF E102 ESCAPE CHASE""Little Dipper"0:23
30."GF E104 Market Fun (outtake)""The Inconveniencing"0:21


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