Template:Non-Canon Template:Place The Gravity Falls Swap Meet is a flea market in Gravity Falls, Oregon where townsfolk can buy, sell, and trade merchandise.


In "Little Gift Shop of Horrors" during the "Hands Off" segment, like many other townsfolk, the Pines family come here. While there, Grunkle Stan steals a faux golden watch from the Hand Witch's booth, which he is cursed for later. It's slogan is " Where Parking Lots Meet garbage Dumps!".


The swap meet has the following booths:

  • Cheep Cheep Tires—run by an elderly gentleman.
  • Baby Parts by Lazy Susan—run by Lazy Susan. It sells baby doll parts and clothing. Irregular heads are sold at half price.
  • Hipster Glasses—which Dipper calls "professor glasses," and claims they make him look like a genius.
  • File:S2e6 dork.png
    Hot! Hot Dogs—supposedly sells hot dogs.
  • Pots Aplenty—sells pots and pans.
  • Manly Dan's Acceptably Masculine Collectibles—run by Manly Dan. He sells hand crafted wooden carvings by him, including a train, rocking horse, bunny rabbit, and beaver, which are all bearded.
  • Sev'ral Chimes—run by Tyler Cutebiker. The name is based off of Sev'ral Timez, which Tyler is known to be a fan of.[1]
  • Wet Blankets—run by Toby Determined. He sells wet blankets for a mere $9.99 but becomes disheartened when he thinks Stan is selling them as well.
  • File:S2e6 whoits and whatsits.png
    Whosits and Whatsits—run by Old Man McGucket. He sells primarily junk. The stand is wooden and the front claims, "Doo-whackies!" "Kajiggers!" and "Thingameebobs!"
  • Table selling faux gold watches—run by the Hand Witch. Stan describes them as "mob boss quality."
  • Table selling bobbleheads—supposedly sells bobbleheads.





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