"Large and In Charge"[1] is a song played in a montage of moments of Mabel's active role as boss of the Mystery Shack.


The song plays following Mabel's declaration of being the boss in "Boss Mabel," while a montage of her acting as the boss is displayed.


Whoa, Yeah!
Come on, girls
Shoulder pads
Make that money
Mabel's the boss now

Walk in, girls
Show them boys
Make that money
MABEL: Time cards! Time cards! Time cards!
Ooo, oo, oo-oo-oo-ooooo-ooooo, ooo...
MABEL: Boss, boss, boss, boss, boss!



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es:La Jefa Mabel (Canción) nl:Mabel is de baas hier ru:Больше и ответственнее

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