Template:For Template:Creature The lefty robot was a robot, the left side of which resembled a human male. It was always facing left due to visible little green creatures working its body on the right side.



In "Lefty," Dipper Pines tries exposing the "man" for a robot on camera, however, it takes a significant amount of time until he finally unveils that he indeed was a robot with little green men running it.

Season 2

In "Society of the Blind Eye," a photograph of the robot's human side is shown with the word "exploded" written over it.


On its normal side, it has no hair on the top of its head, but has some brown hair in the back. It is usually seen wearing a red shirt with short white sleeves and a collar. It has a brown mustache, blue jeans, and brown shoes with white soles.

Its robotic side is silver, with little green men working the body. There are a few silver cogs. Each green minion has a symbol on the bottom of them. In total, there are 16 minions (one in the foot, arm, neck, nose, and on the shoulder; two in the leg; three in the stomach; and six in the head).




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