Template:For Template:Creature The Mailbox is a mysterious object that Dipper Pines and Soos found in the woods. On the other side of it is an omniscient being.[1]


Dipper and Soos find the mysterious mailbox in the middle of the forest, without a house or an address. The two decided to test what would happen if they tried to mail a letter, expecting someone to pick it up. Instead, the mailbox rumbled and raised its flag, indicating it had a reply. Dipper and Soos soon realize that the mailbox is omniscient and after several back and forths, Dipper decides to ask it who wrote Journal 3. Before he gets the chance however, Mabel inserts a video of herself sticking one hundred gummy worms up her nose, to mail to her mother. The mailbox finds the video disturbing and insulting, saying on a scroll that the age of human enlightenment will never come to pass. It then proceeds to first implode, then explode.


The mailbox is white colored with a wooden handle. It also appears to be old, rusted, mossy, and damaged from the outside.


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  • While the rest of its letters were without it, the first letter it replied with had a red wax seal with the infinity symbol on it.
  • According to Bill Cipher, the being on the other side of the mailbox is "a real blabbermouth."[1]


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