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Mystery Mountain is a tourist attraction in Oregon. Darlene works there, at the ticket booth. It is five times the size of the Mystery Shack and has actual attractions, unlike what Stan Pines pretends to have at his own tourist trap.


Mystery Mountain was one of Stan's selected tourist traps to sabotage. In "Roadside Attraction," on Stan's road trip through tourist traps, he came by here. Stan flirted with an employee named Darlene to demonstrate to Dipper that he knows how to get girls. However, after the two walked deep into the giant spider forest, Darlene then revealed that she was an arachnimorph, wrapping Stan in webbing to eat him. Despite this, Stan was able to contact Dipper through a walkie-talkie. Dipper and the others were able to free Stan, and escape Darlene by dropping the foot of a Paul Bunyan statue on top of her.

Known attractions

  • Old Reliable
  • Stump Bench
  • Giant spider forest
  • Mummy Museum (featuring new mummies daily)

Other Locations and Features

  • Trambience (sky tram that goes up to Widow's Peak)
  • Widow's Peak


The Mystery Mountain is a mountain with lots of attractions and features. It's entrance has a big signboard, the ticket booth in which in Darlene works andlarge statues of Paul Bunyan and a blue bull.




  • In the pamphlet for the tourist trap is a panel titled "They Hide Among Us" and reads: It's a well-known FACT that arachnimorphs EAT PEOPLE. Telltale signs that a family member is a dangerous spider monster are sweaty palms, hairy body, ravenous appetite, likes crouching behind furniture.
  • Darlene is the one kidnapping tourists and wrapping them up, turning them into mummies, that explains why the Mummy Museum has new mummies daily.


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