Niki Yang is a storyboard artist and voice actress. Niki is her western name, her real name being Hyun-Jeong Yang (양현정).[1] She was born in Seoul, South Korea[2]. After graduating from Hongik University she attended CalArts in the United States, where she currently lives.[3] She is best known as the voices of BMO and Lady Rainicorn on the Cartoon Network animated series Adventure Time. She voiced Candy Chiu on Gravity Falls.

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File:S1e12 trickster photo.png
  • The bright blue Korean symbol (헐) in the picture Candy Chiu took of the Summerween Trickster in "Summerween" was written, according to Yang, to mean "Awesome" (Revised Romanization: heol) in Korean.
  • Yang's character, Candy, was revealed to be fluent in Korean in "Sock Opera," which is likely a reference to her ancestry.

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