Template:Object Robbie V. and the Tombstones is a rock band in Gravity Falls, Oregon. Robbie is the leader of the band as well as the lead guitarist.[1]


Not much is known about the band, such as how many members there are, or what instruments they play. In these posters, Robbie is shown wearing eye-paint, and poking out from an actual tombstone, pointing menacingly, and under him are the words: "YOU'RE DEAD!" Above him are the words: "ROBBIE V" and in smaller font: "AND THE TOMBSTONES."

Season 1

In "Fight Fighters" Robbie is seen posting flyers about his band around Gravity Falls, mainly in the Arcade.

Season 2

The poster appears again in "The Love God," with it being posted on Robbie's bedroom door and in his room numerous times.

Known Members




  • Their catchphrase seems to be "You're Dead!"



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