Template:Object Stan's RV is an RV owned by Stan, which he uses for road trips.


In "Roadside Attraction," Stan, Dipper, Mabel, Soos, Candy, and Grenda use the RV for a roadtrip to prank other tourist traps in Oregon.


The RV is a white/tan winnebago look-alike. It has many bumper stickers on its back, and is quite dirty and rusty all over. On each side of it of the RV, there is a stylized brown V. The interior has wood paneling, and it is very worn in appearance. It has a stitched up yellow blanket in it separating the driver cockpit with the living area. The living area has a built in table and booth seats. There is a full sized fridge and sink to the side opposite the table. In the back is another booth seat without a table in front of it.




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  • Stan's RV is a parody of a Winnebago RV.

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