Template:Object The Stan balloon was a hot-air balloon modeled after Stan Pines' head.


In "The Love God," Stan and Soos build the balloon to appeal to the youth at the Woodstick festival, in hopes of expanding the Mystery Shack's market. However, due to their inattention to the safety hazards involved in its construction, the balloon catches fire soon after its release and terrifies the Woodstick Festival audience. It then crashes on top of the Love God, who had been pursuing Mabel and Dipper for stealing one of his love potions. The Love God, injured and angered by the crash, decides to simply give up.


The balloon was modeled after Stan Pines' head; due to inexpert craftsmanship, however, it ended up being not as cheerful and inviting as Stan had initially intended. It originally bore the message "I HEART KIDS;" however, after the H and R fell off, it stated "I EAT KIDS," terrifying the youth. It became even more terrifying after it caught fire and plunged to earth.





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ru:Воздушный шар Стэна

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