The Sticktionary is a book made by Mabel Pines to showcase her several different types of stickers.



The Sticktionary first appears in "Mabel's Guide to Stickers," as Mabel's main resource for demonstrating different types of stickers. As she shows each page, Dipper Pines and Soos comment on it.

Season 2

This book reappears in "The Golf War" where Mabel uses it to give stickers to her brother, and also Stan Pines who awards her one.


File:S2e3 sticker face.png

The original Sticktionary appearing in the short has a light orange color with red-orange binding. A light blue and green gradient sticker with the word "STICKTIONARY" written in multiple colors can be seen on the cover, alongside a pink and yellow heart, a pink and purple thumbs-up and a red, pink and purple shooting star.

The other version seen in Season 2 has a lavender color with the title spelled out in neon letter stickers, with pink heart, green cupcake, blue star and a purple unicorn stickers.





  • Mabel obtains her price stickers from items in stores. This sometimes results in customers thinking the merchandise off of which she takes them are free, and results in them going mad scrambling to get the "complimentary" goods.[1]
  • Mabel seems to use the orange Sticktionary for display only, whereas she actually takes stickers from the lavender one.[1][2]
  • Mabel's Sticktionary is based off of a collection of stickers Ariel Hirsch had as a child.[3]

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